Need for Speed Highly Compressed Game Download


Need for speed:

As per the name, Need for Speed is a racing video game franchise. Electronic arts is the publisher of the game. The first game of the series, “The Need for Speed” was launched in 1994. This racing video game series is compatible with all the platforms like Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Arcade, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Zeebo, etc.

Need for Speed Highly Compressed Game Download

Till now there are 23 games were developed by the developers of the Need For The Speed. This game series is often abbreviated as NFS.

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Let’s have close look at all the parts of the Need for Speed and when they were developed:

1994- The Need for Speed

1997- NFS II

1998- NFS: Hot Pursuit

1999- NFS: High Stakes

2000- NFS: Porsche Unleashed

2002- NFS: Hot Pursuit

2003- NFS: Underground

2004- NFS: Underground 2

2005- NFS: Most Waned

2006- NFS: Carbon

2007- NFS: Pro Street

2008- NFS: Undercover

2009- NFS: Shift

2009- NFS: Nitro

2010- NFS: World

2010- NFS: Hit Pursuit

2011- Shift 2: Unleashed

2011- NFS: The Run

2012- NFS: Most Wanted

2013- NFS Rivals

2015- NFS: No Limits

2015- NFS

2017- NFS Payback

Upcoming game- NFS: Edge

Let’s talk about the gameplay of the game. All the NFS games have the same basic gameplay where the player has to drive a car and win the race. To get access to various cars and tracks, a player has to unlock them by winning tournaments. Yu can play this game as a multiplayer or a single player.

All the games of the series have high quality graphics and these games are quite interesting to play. This series is the all-time favourite of any racing lover. A good quality of sound had been added in all the games of the NFS. A player can select a car from a wide range of colours. Overall, the game is the perfect for everyone!


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